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Linda Griebel has over 26 years of knowledge in the mental health billing field.  If you are a mental health therapist needing help in billing and have questions with regard to billing insurance, Worker's Compensation, Triwest, Medicare, Medi-Cal and the like for your patients, you can contact Linda Griebel to setup a consultation.

If you are ovewhelmed with questions from potential new patients. returning patients or existing patients with queries, and need help addressing this to help expedite your time on the phone and the proper handling of billing, you can contact Linda to set up and appoiintment to discuss these matters so that you can spend more time focusing on helping your patients.

Below are some of the areas which Linda can help with your practice.

  • Discussing insurance with your patients
  • The checking of benefits PRIOR to patients coming in to see you
  • Discussing sliding scale fees
  • Patients paying at the time of service, either full fees or co-pays (this is a must)
  • When provider is not on patients panel, collecting full fee and not waiting for insurance to pay
  • Authorizations: keeping track of
  • Worker's compensation
  • Triwest (as a primary or secondary payer - do's & don'ts)
  • Medicare (as a primary or secondary payer); Advantage plans
  • Victims of crime
  • When a provider is contacted with both primary and secondary payers (or just one)
  • Timely filing periods for insurance and non-insurance entities
  • Using a clearing house versus billing on-line
  • Eligability and/or COBRA problems with patients
  • Using V codes with insurance
  • Balance billing patients when contracted with insurance
  • Using proper diagnoses codes
  • Tracking payments/denials
  • Billing with tax id number vs. socal security number

To setup a private consultation please contact Linda Griebel.


Dr. Michael Yapko

Office for Civil Rights - HIPAA

Index of Psychiatric Disorders


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