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About Griebel Billing Services

Linda Griebel has been a bookkeeper for mental health professionals since 1987.  She primarily focuses her billing practice on mental health professionals in the San Diego, Orange County, Los Angeles, and San Francisco areas.  Ms. Griebel also worked 16 years for Dr. Michael Yapko, while building her billing practice.

The ethics of mental health as well as being thrust into the "managed care" genre back in the 1980's gives Ms. Griebel-Saucier the advantage of understanding mental health with respect to dealing with patients more comfortably and with conscientious sensitivity. Providers and their patients not only feel more comfortable speaking with Linda, because of her knowledge in mental health, they also appreciate the sensitivity she portrays while explaining information to them.

Ms. Griebel also provides a consulting business for providers who need help in managing their private practice financially.


Dr. Michael Yapko

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Linda Griebel

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