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Course Curriculum with Linda Griebel-Saucier

          1. When and how to verify insurance benefits
          2. EAP billing (Employee Assistance Programs) what they are and how to access them
          3. Tracking authorizations and how to access them
          4. Medicare Dos and Donts of Medicare law
          5. Outpatient Treatment Reports (OTRs)
          6. Claims and other must-dos for insurance companies
          7. Which panels to get on and why
          8. Confidentiality and HIPAA laws as it pertains to billing
          9. Ethics of patient management
          10. Collections agencies Pros and Cons
          11. Discussing finances with your patients What not to do
          12. Contracts or intake sheets Rules and regulations you need to know
          13. How to collect co-pays and share of costs
          14. How and when to verify benefits
          15. Which methods of payment are best and why
          16. Easy ways to track your finances
          17. Alternative payers for mental health services
          18. Further options for the service provider
          19. To hire staff or not to hire staff
          20. Your life as a clinician What you can expect
          21. How to navigate subpoenas and other legal pitfalls
          22. Setting up shop Choosing your office space
          23. Important office policies you need to consider


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